5 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-free Traveling

Holiday traveling is never fun. There’s a reason why Planes, Trains, & Automobiles still strikes a chord with many Americans. While traveling during the holidays will always be a bit of a chore, there are ways to make it seem less hectic and stressful.

Avoid peak travel dates if you can5 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

If you can avoid the peak travel dates, do. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and frustration in the future. The days just before Christmas and just after New Year’s are typically the worst, with the peak day being Thursday, December 22 in 2019.

Pack light

Holiday travel is bad enough without having to lug around several bags of luggage. Not to mention that you’ll be dealing with baggage fees if your luggage is too big or heavy. If you’re flying, do your best to bring only carry-on luggage. You may have to sacrifice some outfits in the process, but you’ll thank yourself later. You can find some tips for packing lightly here.

Mail your holiday gifts ahead of time

Another way to pack lightly is to mail your holiday gifts rather than trying to bring them with you on your flight. You’ll not only save on space, but this will also better protect your presents from potential damage.

Give yourself plenty of time

Even if you don’t travel on the peak dates, you’ll still encounter a good amount of traffic both in the airport and on the roads. As such, give yourself plenty of time when you’re leaving your house. Most airlines recommend checking in 90 minutes early for a domestic flight and two hours early for international flights. If you’re driving, then take a look at the traffic conditions throughout your whole route before setting off.

Bring provisions

Once you’re at the airport or in your car, there’s still the chance that your travel can be delayed by poor weather or traffic. In order to keep your cool (and waste some time), bring along some snacks, games, music, books, and other provisions that will help you survive a potentially frustrating situation.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your holiday travel less stressful this year. You can also book a travel agent that can make all of your travel arrangements for you. For more information, contact Worldwide Cruises & Tours today.

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