Benefits of River Cruising

Benefits of River Cruising Cruises prove vibrant, intriguing vacations that transport you to new lands and give you the chance to try something completely different. However, large cruise lines often become too crowded with great numbers of guests, and precious vacation time is spent traveling between destinations.

Enter river cruising, a more intimate and personal form of traveling offering a matchless cruising experience.

Experience intimate travel

As Huffington Post points out, large ocean carriers limit passengers to only the places they can physically dock. River cruising allows travelers to move their journey inward, as the popularly used smaller ships can dock in the heart of cities and villages, navigating through inland waterways as opposed to more common and larger bodies of water.

Docking in major cities lets you spend more time exploring desired cities and towns in places like Europe and Asia as you waste less time traveling in between cities when instead you arrive directly in them. Go exploring on a river cruise to experience more intimate, worthwhile travel.

Let loose and let luxury

River cruise ships vary in style, but a common word used to describe them is luxurious. These “floating hotels” typically offer cabins with windows overlooking the river and many have balconies and spacious panoramic views. Enjoy fine dining with all-inclusive, fresh, regionally inspired meals and drinks, including local produce and meats that change to match your destination.

Relax in top-of-the line spas, bars, and staterooms, and enjoy luxury in a cozier setting with fewer fellow travelers. River cruising offers an all-inclusive experience with free on-shore excursions in your destination towns and cities. Indulge in the personal VIP service that often accompanies river cruises, and move beyond feeling like just another guest lost among the large numbers of explorers.

Explore the world

Traveling to new and undiscovered locations fuels your wanderlust; your mind and heart yearn to see the world in ways you haven’t before. River cruising is your unique opening to go explore and make the world your playground at a relaxed, unhurried pace you will miss when it’s gone.

Though especially popular in Europe on the Rhine, Rhone, Seine, and Danube, river cruising extends to places like China and Asia, and to waterways like the Nile River, the Amazon River, and the Mississippi River and Erie Canal.

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Now that you know about river cruising and some of the benefits, there is only one question left: with so many breathtaking destinations available to you, where will you go?

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