Tips for Booking a Trip to Montreal

You won’t have a multicultural experience quite like the one you’ll have traversing the cobblestone streets of Montreal, Canada. A city lined with sidewalk cafes with the aroma of French bread streaming from their windows, and pulsating with an urban but old-century feel, the city’s noble and storied past draws tourists and backpackers from all corners of the world.

Visit Old Montreal Tips for Booking a Trip to Montreal

U.S. News & World Report ranks Montreal as the tenth best family vacation spot and romantic getaway destination, and there’s a reason for that. Old Montreal is where North American and European heritages mingle as one, uniting old with new.

For your introductory course to the history of the city, travelers world-wide visit the awe-filled sight that is the interior of the Basilique Notre-Dame. The stunning ceiling and stained glass patterns tell of Montreal’s religious history in an extraordinary way.

While you’re there, don’t forget to snap some photos of Montreal’s pristine city hall, a glorious structure designed by French architect Henri-Maurice Perrault in 1872.

Pick up some French

Not to worry: a majority of the traffic signage and business signage around Montreal is bilingual, but the province of Quebec, where Montreal is located, is French speaking. You are likely to encounter French speaking people along your travels, so it would be wise to brush up on some useful phrases.

Expand your palette

Montreal is a restaurant city, so you better come prepared with an appetite for must-eat French cuisine. Chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver cook up some of the world’s most Iconic international dishes here.

Freshly baked bagels, authentic poutine, beaver tail, and Dragon Beard Candy, a rare confection found in Montreal’s Chinatown, make perfect late night (and if you ask the locals, hangover) snacks, and are enjoyed by most tourists.

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