International Packing Essentials

If you’ve never traveled internationally before, packing for your first big trip can be overwhelming. What do you bring and what do you leave home? Unfortunately, packing for an international trip is a bit more involved than packing for a weekend trip to the beach. Packing for an international trip is a bit more involved than packing for a weekend trip to the beach.

Here are some must-have, essential items that you absolutely cannot leave the country without!


Of course, in order to get through airport security and onto your international flight, you’ll need your passport. Make sure to check the date on your passport at least 8 weeks before your trip to make sure it’s not expired. Typically a passport needs to be valid for at least six months after you return from a trip or you might be denied boarding if your passport is about to expire.

Photocopies of Your Passport

When you’re traveling to an international location, you should always travel with photocopies of your drivers’ license, passport, and credit cards, in case your bag is stolen. Place the photocopies in the hotel safe after you check in and keep your passport with you while you’re out and about.


Foreign countries don’t use the same power plugs as we do in the states. You can pick up an adaptor at your local hardware store or cellular service provider. Just make sure that the adaptor is labeled with the country you’re traveling to; even within Europe, power plugs vary.

Keep in mind that voltage may be different with these adaptors, so double check your blow drier or hair straightener before you leave—you may need to pick up a travel version.

Luggage Tags

Make sure your luggage tags are up to date, accurate, and visible! You don’t want your suitcase to get lost in transit, only to have it show up at the wrong address. Make sure it includes your cell phone number, if you’ve turned on cellular data for international roaming. If not, include the phone number of the hotel you’re staying at.

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