Traveling to Hawaii


Worldwide Cruises and ToursOne of the more popular places to travel in the United States is Hawaii.  Not only does it provide a tropical getaway with unbelievable beaches and landscapes, it’s still within the United States. That fact alone makes it incredibly appealing for travelers, since they don’t have to go through many of the same difficulties of traveling abroad.  No money to exchange, no passport is needed, and no worries about speaking another language.


The state has only been part of the US for 54 years after joining the Union in 1959.  Hawaii is known for its diverse natural scenery including tropical forests, wonderful beaches and even active volcanoes. The tropical climate and oceanic surrounding make it a popular destination every month of the year. The temperatures remains between 65 and 80 , depending on what island you’re on, all twelve months of the year.


The location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean along with a diverse range of residents has led to a unique Hawaiian culture with its own vibrancy and influences.  Hawaii is home to numerous cultural events including the Merrie Monarch Festival, an international Hula competition, or the Iron Man Triathlon.


Hawaii is one a popular tourist destination with plenty of activities for families, couples and groups of people. Check out our Hawaii travel page for more information and family activities to do in Oahu. We even have a special going on the rest of this month from Apple Vacations.


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