What to Expect When Visiting Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii It’s the vacation every American knows they need to take: Hawaii. Our country’s island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its luaus and leis are famous, as are local residents’ alohas. But those aren’t the only reasons to visit Oahu, Maui, or any of the other islands—no, in fact, Hawaii is home to so much more.

Here’s what to expect when you visit Hawaii this fall:

Taste Hawaiian food

We’re thrilled that finally, Hawaiian cuisine is having its moment in the sun, and being enjoyed by folks off the island. But that fusion of indigenous, Asian, and American tastes are best tried where they were created. So be sure to try some spam musubi or poke when you’re there.

Hike beautiful natural trails

While there’s plenty of good reasons to fawn over Hawaii’s beaches, people often overlook the incredible nature that this island is home to. Practically every island has a natural preserve or park that is home to dozens of trails, each with stunning picturesque views that are simply sublime. So be sure to bring your hiking boots and your camera.

Experience the island diversity

While Hawaii might seem like one island paradise, it’s actually many. Each island offers something entirely different, and frankly those who live there will tell you exactly that. Oahu has different foods and sights than Kauai, and vice versa. So, don’t just make this a trip to Hawaii—make this a trip to the diversity that the state thrives off of.

These are just three, but there are countless reasons to visit Hawaii. But a bit of advice before you go: the best time to go is in the fall, when there are less tourists and low-season prices. Also, for surfers: that’s prime time! At Worldwide Cruises and Tours, we have seasonal offers right for every budget—so plan your trip to Hawaii with us today by calling 214-929-2069!

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